Figuring out all the details about your wedding can be overwhelming and exciting all wrapped together. One minute there is joy and excitement and the next there is tears and frustration.  Here is some feedback from brides as they looked back on their wedding planning.

1. Get a Notebook or Binder

This can be a simple notebook or a purchased Wedding Planning Binder from Hobby Lobby! Use this to write down your ideas, thoughts, and questions as you begin the journey of planning for your special day. Keep your color swatches, vendor contact information, vendor meeting notes, calendar reminders, floral ideas, song ideas and everything that goes along with the wedding in one spot. This may become something you will treasure after you are married and are able to reflect on your engagement time and the ideas you had and the decisions you made.

2. Remember it is “Your Story, Your Marriage, Your Future”

As you make decisions about your wedding, Pinterest sometimes can be helpful but can also be a hindrance. All the style possibilities bombard you every time you check Instagram, Pinterest or social media. Do a vision board (in your binder). Discuss your ideas and styles with your fiance  – after all, it is the start of YOUR marriage. Each of you should choose your top 3 important things you want for your wedding and then discuss why it is important to you.  Make “Your Story” about you.  Learn to trust yourself with your vision about your day.

3. Communicate with your Soon to be Husband

Wedding planning can be hard and it can be emotionally draining. Everyone will have an opinion on what and how you should do things and it is challenging at times to please everyone. Communicate with your love about your frustrations and lean on him for guidance, direction and calm. Let yourself cry when you need to express emotion. Meltdowns may happen and that’s okay. Once the emotions are out, then move forward.

4. Communicate with your Wedding Consultant and Vendors

Start the lines of communication early and keep an open dialogue throughout the process. Email, text, phone calls are essential when communicating details you envision about your day. Write down any questions you have in your notebook/binder. Keep track of the responses you receive. There is so much information that keeping a written record of the details will allow you peace of mind later. Your Wedding Consultant will be able to work together and collaboratively with your vendors but communication is key.

5. Keep the Romance Alive!

After your engagement, the list of items to accomplish will be seemingly long and consuming. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to a night of wedding planning. Instead of tackling every decision or discussing anything wedding related each time you are together, promise each other NOT to talk about the wedding on date nights. Allow time to decompress with your soon to be husband and remember this is what marriage is to be – united in love…Your Future.  Make date nights a priority!